Smart Home

Prime Day is Oct 13-14, 2020!

It's official! Today, Amazon announced that Prime Day will be Tuesday, October 13th to Wednesday, October 14th. You will have ...
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Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

Now that you’re spending more time at home than ever before, you may be realizing the need for: A fast, ...
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Enhance Gaming with Smart Home Automation

If gaming is your life, you probably live and breathe it.  You may be always searching for that ultimate virtual ...
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6 Smart Home Upgrades That Will Pay Off for You Later

When realtors advise their sellers on what upgrades to do to increase their home value, they say things like give ...
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Alexa’s COVID-19 Resources

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic that’s forcing most of us into home quarantine and making us paranoid about touching ...
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Is Amazon Alexa Always Listening?

As of January 2019, Amazon had sold over 100 million devices that include Alexa, the electronic voice assistant.  Even those ...
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What Happens to Your Smart Home When the Power Goes Out?

Imagine this:  You see a storm fast approaching, and the rain begins pouring down.  You hear thunder, see lightening and ...
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What Are Alexa Routines?

What Are Alexa Routines?  If you own an Amazon Echo smart speaker, you already know that there are hundreds of ...
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9 Reasons to Automate Your Home

We live in a time of unprecedented technological growth.  This is very fortunate, given the fast-paced lives that most of ...
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Get a Smart Home for the Holidays

The holidays are known to be the most wonderful, cheerful time of the year.  However for many of us, all ...
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