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Smart Tech Gear for New Parents

January 30, 2021
Echo Dot / Smart Home

10 Smart Home Myths Exposed – Part #2 of 2

Echo Dot / Smart Home

10 Smart Home Myths Exposed – Part #1 of 2

Amazon / Echo Dot / Smart Home

Prime Day is Oct 13-14, 2020!

Amazon / Echo Dot

Amazon Prime Day – Coming Soon!

Smart Tech Gear for New Parents

By GotSmartStuff | January 30, 2021

It’s 2:00 am, and you suddenly wake up.  You immediately have a thought, “Is my baby still breathing?”  You get out of bed, rush quietly to their room and peek in the crib.  You have a great feeling of relief when you realize that you have overreacted again.  Does this scenario sound familiar?  If so,…

10 Smart Home Myths Exposed – Part #2 of 2

By GotSmartStuff | December 31, 2020

In out last post, we exposed the first 5 common smart home myths.  In this article, we will discuss myths #6-10. Smart home technology is just a gimmick. Smart home set up requires technical knowledge. There’s no privacy in a smart home. Smart homes are easily hacked. Smart homes are too complicated to operate. All…

10 Smart Home Myths Exposed – Part #1 of 2

By GotSmartStuff | October 31, 2020

Home automation has been around for years, and smart homes are quickly becoming ubiquitous.  With the level of comfort that they offer, along with the arrival of high-speed internet, their popularity is not surprising.  We’re living in the future now, and the advent of smart home technology is one of the many developments propelling us…

Prime Day is Oct 13-14, 2020!

By GotSmartStuff | September 28, 2020

It’s official! Today, Amazon announced that Prime Day will be Tuesday, October 13th to Wednesday, October 14th. You will have 2 days to save on everything you need and love! Check out the Early Prime Day Deals! In case you didn’t know, Amazon Prime Day is exclusively for Prime members. To start your 30-day FREE…

Amazon Prime Day – Coming Soon!

By GotSmartStuff | September 20, 2020

Even though Amazon Prime Day has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we now know that it will happen before the end of the year!  According to Fox Business, Amazon released a statement confirming that Prime Day will occur in the 4th quarter of 2020.  “We can confirm Prime Day will take place in…

Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

By GotSmartStuff | August 28, 2020

Now that you’re spending more time at home than ever before, you may be realizing the need for: A fast, reliable, high-performance network for work, school and streaming; A more up-to-date and enjoyable entertainment experience for movies and relaxation; A simpler way to manage your home, with lights and other smart devices working together; Smarter…

Enhance Gaming with Smart Home Automation

By GotSmartStuff | July 22, 2020

If gaming is your life, you probably live and breathe it.  You may be always searching for that ultimate virtual experience.  In case you didn’t know, nowadays, you can have a truly immersive gaming experience using smart home technology.  Why not have control of your home while playing video games?  It can be really annoying…

6 Smart Home Upgrades That Will Pay Off for You Later

By GotSmartStuff | June 28, 2020

When realtors advise their sellers on what upgrades to do to increase their home value, they say things like give the front door a new coat of paint, trim the grass and shrubs in the front yard and add a few light fixtures.  However, nowadays homebuyers expect much more.  According to a study conducted by…

Amazon Prime Day 2020

By GotSmartStuff | May 23, 2020

Amazon Prime Day is a summer sales event on Amazon websites around the world, where members of Amazon Prime get exclusive discounts on a wide range of items.  Prime Day is one of the biggest retail holidays of the year.  In 2020, over a million products will be discounted for Prime members on everything from…

Alexa’s COVID-19 Resources

By GotSmartStuff | April 11, 2020

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic that’s forcing most of us into home quarantine and making us paranoid about touching our faces or anything else is the perfect time for voice assistants to spring into action.  Voice commands mean you don’t have to touch places that get heavy traffic during the day – light switches,…


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